Raise Your Vibration With Reconnective Energy Healing

I use Reconnective Energy Healing to help you balance your energy and increase vitality.
This energy benefits both people and their pets.

What is
Reconnective Energy Healing?

It is a form of hands-off, Energy Healing, that works on multiple levels of the energy field(Aura), within and without the physical body.

The energy works to bring the body back into balance and harmony. Once the energy has been absorbed, it continues to work where it is needed. You may have heard of similar types of energy healing such as Reiki, Bio-Energy Healing and Energy Medicine. What I do is similar to those modalities, in working with energy but my healing is hands-off making it possible to work with the energy in a virtual session format.


Reconnective Healing Is a
Complementary Modality

Please be aware that Energy Healing can enhance the benefits of other modalities and is not intended to replace any licensed practitioner. Naomi encourages every client to be an advocate for their own health and combine traditional medicine with alternative modalities in a holistic and balanced way.

Naomi Is Now Accepting New Energy Healing Clients

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