Reconnective Healing is a form of energy healing that can influence the physical, mental, or emotional state of a person.  This type of healing is beneficial for people of any age and all animals.

The Reconnective Healing Practitioner works with the energy of the client without touching them at all. The energy can be sent to the client within the same room or to someone in another part of the world.

During a Reconnective Healing session, the client may experience various sensations some of which include: hot, cold, or small movements of the eyes or limbs. These are totally normal responses, along with a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Clients may also feel no sensations at all, or they may even fall asleep.

After one session, some clients report an immediate feeling of the effects of the energy.  Others experience gradual change after a restorative sleep as this is when the body’s natural healing occurs.

Unlike other energy healing methods (such as Reiki), Reconnective Healing is not a technique, a therapy, or a treatment.  Reconnective Healing assists in returning the body, mind, and emotional state to that of balance.  The practitioner is a facilitator that aids in accelerating this process.

Naomi was trained in Reconnective Healing in 2011.  She is dedicated to assisting as many clients as possible and introduce them to the incredible benefits that this energy has to offer.


2020 May - Naomi - Inlightened Involution


Reconnective Healing is aligned with the energy of 3.  Therefore, it is recommended to do three session blocks per issue.  Since the energy continues to work after the session and is absorbed by the body where needed, one session can go a long way towards the body healing itself.

Reconnective Healing

$100 CAD

Animal Healing

$80 CAD