In 2001 I was in a car accident,  I went from being in the best shape of my life to not being able to work, having pain in my body, brain fog and dealing with sadness. I worked with many practitioners including a chiropractor, massage therapist and a Craniosacral therapist for the brain fog.

This helped my recovery immensely, but it wasn’t until 2011 when I discovered Reconnective Healing and began working on myself and eventually friends and family that I really began to feel balanced and whole within my body, mind and energy field.

You do not need to be spiritual or religious to benefit from receiving energy. In this time of social distancing and not being able to visit in person, know that energy is not constrained by time and space and that the energy will be just as effective in a distance session.

I wish you all the highest vibration of light and energy at this time, take care of yourself and your loved ones.